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Out of the Abyss

Platform: PC

Engine: Unity


  • Alexander Lund
  • Henry Helin
  • Linus Thorelli


  • Jonatan Wallén
  • Julia Nilsson


  • Andreas Olsson
  • Jesper Hedin
  • Joseph Stameus
  • Zackarias Vinterhed


Out of the Abyss was developed in seven weeks with a team of nine people at FutureGames in Stockholm.

It’s a First-Person Shooter with procedurally generated dungeons. Explore an underground city and find generators to power-up the city’s central elevator. As you explore you will find modules to upgrade your grenade launcher with specialized ammo to help you destroy the threats of the abyss.

My Role

I was the Level Designer for this project. We wanted a large overworld to explore with enterances to procedurally generated dungeons.

As the dungeons were procedurally generated I designed the levels as single rooms that would be connected through doorways.

I also created the city district that the player explores outside the dungeons.