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Doodle Drifter

Platform: Android

Engine: Unity


  • Aleksander Salasoo
  • Alexander Lund
  • David Eliasson
  • Henry Helin
  • Lennart Holmgren
  • Simon Laserna


  • Jonatan WallĂ©n
  • Josefin Bomark
  • Julia Nilsson
  • Sanne Karlsson


Doodle Drifter was developed in five weeks with a team of nine people at FutureGames in Stockholm.

Play as Doodles, a figment of childhood imagination given life in a painted world. Guide Doodles through a series of curious landscape paintings by drawing a path forwards. Use your paint wisely and watch Doodles fly towards the goal!

Doodle Drifter is available for free on Google Play!

My Role

I was one of the Level Designers for this project. I worked together with the artists to find a style and theme of each level.

I would create the collision blockout of each level and send it in to the artists to be painted over. Afterwards I implemented the art assets into the levels.