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Pirates vs Royalists

Platform: PC

Engine: Torque 


  • Henry Helin
  • Simon Carlsson
  • Viktor Lundmark


  • Cecilia Bexander
  • Christopher Nylander
  • Erik Anjou
  • Jonas Trapp
  • Magnus Bergfall
  • Sebastian Gustafsson


Pirate vs Royalist (PvR) is a top down 2D naval naval battle game, featuring the low class pirates and the upper class Royalists.

Take command over a fourth rate ship of the line as a Royalist or a heavy frigate as a Pirate. Steering wheels from real ships and thick ropes to fire the cannons with has been installed to the machine. By using authentic materials for the arcade machine, PvR adds realism to a new level.

Go and claim Victory! The battle awaits…

My Role

I was the Lead Programmer for this project and used C++ language with the Torque Game Engine.